Assurance through auditing


In some cases, you may need to provide greater certainty about your figures and their validity. Financing applications would be a good case in point: the lender needs to be confident that your annual accounts are accurate. An audit can provide both external parties and your own organisation that certainty, along with the required transparency.

We are authorised to carry out audits on your behalf by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

Over thirty years of experience

Auditing is a specific discipline, which requires both the necessary qualifications and the right mentality. Our team includes the kind of ‘heavyweights’ you need for the job: with over thirty years of experience at the highest level in numerous industries, they certainly know the ropes.

The result: extensive knowledge of the market and industry in which you operate, intensive partner engagement, concrete recommendations for better operational management, short turnaround times and stable teams. In other words: an efficient and effective process at a competitive price.

Businesses classified as ‘medium-sized legal entities’ are legally obliged to have their annual accounts audited. This applies to your organisation if you meet two of the following three criteria:

  • Net turnover > EUR 12 million
  • Balance sheet total > EUR 6 million
  • Average number of employees > 50 fte

Audits must be carried out by an authorised auditor, such as AT&C.

We also conduct voluntary audits, such as those required of foundations and associations or audits on behalf of rapidly expanding companies seeking to verify the quality of their internal controls. We also perform grant audits.

Insight and assurance

Our audit of your annual accounts will offer both your organisation and other stakeholders insight and assurance. Crucially, such stakeholders (e.g. suppliers, banks, shareholders, employees and the tax authorities) want assurance that your financial statements reflect your company’s actual situation. An effective internal management system and reliable information are also crucial, as is insight into your various business units and their financial performance. A successful audit will allow us to provide assurance in all these areas.

We apply a risk-based auditing approach, focusing on the risks that genuinely matter and the underlying processes. We make optimal use of your company’s in-house knowledge and experience, which – in combination with our knowledge of the industry and the comprehensive engagement at executive level – results in a high-quality and efficient audit. Throughout this process, close cooperation with your organisation and personal engagement are always key.

Grant audits

A wide range of grants are available in the Netherlands, enabling you to undertake projects that might otherwise be of less interest. However, a grant often entails certain obligations, as the allocation of funds must be accounted for. This accountability is generally subject to review by an independent auditor. As part of the grant auditing process, the auditor will determine whether the reported costs satisfy the grant conditions. This requires careful preparation: you will have make sure all the necessary information is available in advance and set up your project organisation in such a way that the auditing process goes smoothly. AT&C has extensive experience in the verification of grant statements and can be of great service in this regard.

We would be happy to help you with:

Statutory audits

Voluntary audits

Assessment engagements

Special audit engagements (such as grant audits and audit opinions in relation to the NOW scheme)

If you would like to make use of our auditing services,

please get in touch with Pieter van der Veen. Call +31(0)6 - 21 56 42 78 or send an email.

If you would like to make use of our auditing services,

please get in touch with Pieter van der Veen. Call +31(0)6 - 21 56 42 78 or send an email.